Construction for Better Rest; Walking for Discovery


- East Coast Project of “Elites Walking” of Hanking Elite Academy

On October 19, 2013, courses of Elites Walking of Hanking Elite Academy were initiated. East coast project of Elites Walking had come to a successful conclusion. 30 researchers of Hanking Elite Academy visited, investigated and exchanged experience of the three popular real estate projects, City Crossing Park Land Harbour, Hidden Bay and Vanke Twin Moon Bay.

Since founded in 2013, Hanking Elite Academy has successfully created the communication platform for growth by continuous activities. It has broadened visions for Hanking-ness and improved the cohesion and specialty accomplishment. Before then, Master Class of Hanking Elite Academy had shared several classes and received positive responses.

(Researchers Listening and Studying in City Crossing Park Land Harbour)

(Group photo of all researchers in City Crossing Park Land Harbour)

Different from lectures by industry elites of Master Class, Elites Walking pays great attention to learning and inspiration in reading and observing during walking. By walking in team and field visit, primary date and personal experience would be collected together with thinkings and records of all findings. Good ideas would be initiated during walking; new knowledge could be acquired during communications and life would be seen in sharing.

East Coast Project of Elites Walking is the first activity for this course. Hanking Elite Academy carefully selects the three popular projects in the east of Shenzhen as targets, City Crossing Park Land Harbour, Hidden Bay and Vanke Twin Moon Bay. Those projects are famous and renowned in Shenzhen by their product categories. However, differences in enterprise scale, industry position, management modes, product orientation, design philosophy and resources integration, customer marketing and strategies would make great contrast for the three projects.

(Researchers Listening and Studying in Hidden Bay)

(Group photo of all researchers in Hidden Bay)

On that day, 30 researchers of Hanking Elite Academy started reviewing of projects. After listening to the systematic and professional introduction, researchers carefully recorded the feelings and experience in architectural design, project planning, indoor details, landscape architecture and property management and made discussions about influences of the design philosophy, project planning, and atmosphere to the whole project. Until 6 o’clock in the afternoon, the investigation was completed and all researchers returned to Shenzhen. On October 24, researchers communicated and shared the experience during the investigation.

(Researchers Listening and Studying in Vanke Twin Moon Bay)

(Group photo of all researchers in Vanke Twin Moon Bay)

Discovery walks of east coast had been praised by all researchers and settled the opening of series of classes for Elites Walking. After then, Elites Walking was initiated again to appreciate hillside villa products in Shenzhen and look for inspirations for the project of Hanking Hillside Villas. All series of classes would alternate with each other by Hanking Elite Academy, aiming to build a communication platform for growth and learning and promote the development of Hanking Group.