The Wisdom of Philosophy and Communication of Thoughts


Hanking Elite Academy has four core courses: Great Master lecture, Jingying on the Way, Elite View and Jingying Power. Since 2013, Hanking Hanking Elite Academy has carried out several times of Great Master lecture and Jingying on the Way, and in the course activities, many experts, scholars and friends of the same industry were invited to communicate with Hanking employees to help cultivate common corporate value and culture and create good working atmosphere and environment. In the process of study, communication and sharing, we were inspired and achieved something different.

Great Master lecture and Elite Walk focus on industrial communication and learning, while Elite View is a relatively free and open communication platform whose content is not limited to real estate industry. The lecturers are from various fields and through their sharing and communication of wisdom, Hanking employees’ horizons were widened. All employees in the course were inspired to think in the exchange and collision of different thoughts, and they made progress in their thought during the process of exchange.

To fulfill the purpose of the course, Hanking Group invited the starter of Houyuan Book Club Mr. Wang Shaopei to come and share his methods of reading and the related significance. Mr. Wang Shaopei is a sophisticated media person who was born in Wuhan, graduated from the Philosophy Faculty of Wuhan University and wrote books The Variation of Sexiness and To Make up Your Dream etc. He worked as chief editor for the “Reading Weekly” of Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, edited wonderful book review and recommended excellent new books. As a columnist, he insisted on recommending a book once a week and wrote several hundreds of book review articles to promote elegant and correct view of reading during the 5 years. As the starter of the Houyuan Book Club, he organizes reading parties every week for people of all walks to participate. The reading club often attracts several hundreds of participants and has gradually developed into a characteristic folk reading community of great influence in Shenzhen and becomes an important power to promote all-citizen reading.

At about 5p.m. of 24th July, 2014, the Elite View Course of Hanking Hanking Elite Academy was formally started. The speaker Mr. Wang Shaopei shared with the personnel of Hanking on the topic of “Leisure Time”. He started with direct and sharp words: through the introduction of the book Leisure: The Basis of Culture by German philosopher Josef Pieper, he led the listeners into deep thinking about the present society and people’s living state, and finally brought out the topic of the course: people should have the third part of time for leisure to relax the body and activate the spirit beside work and rest, and in the exploration of spirit and self-examination to experience amazement and then keep on going with hope toward the core of philosophy—insight and wisdom. The meaning of reading is to break away from the common idea of reading and frame of mind, to break the known and unknown limit, and to learn and experience new knowledge and thought in order to expand the width of life – this is also one of the principles for the establish of the Houyuan Book Club.

Later executive president of Houyuan Book Club Mrs. Song Lijuan talked about the establishment and operation of the Book Club and showed in detail its various activities. Then she invited the learners of Hanking Jingying Book Club and Hanking Hanking Elite Academy to take part in the activities of Houyuan Book Club to promote the all-citizen reading together.

The sharp view of Mr. Wang Shaopei inspired deep thinking of all the learners. The director of Hanking Hanking Elite Academy Mr. Wang Chuang communicated and exchanged ideas with Mr. Wang Shaopei on the philosophical meaning of leisure and led the course to the direction where the learner can understand better and have more interest in. Mr. Wang Shaopei and Mrs. Song Lijuan carried out deep discussion with learners of Hanking Elite Academy on many topics about reading and the organization of reading parties, and at the same time, the form and content of Houyuan Book Club gained strong interest from all the participants.

The Elite View of  Hanking Elite Academy, as a starting ceremony of Hanking Jingying Book Club, further improved the course of Hanking Hanking Elite Academy, added to the depth and width of Hanking employees’ reading and thinking, and will push forward the construction of learning organization of Hanking Group, and make Hanking a group of strong culture and competitiveness on the road to be a pioneer of creative real estate.