Predict the Future in International Qianhai-Hanking Villa Roof-sealing Ceremony was Successfully Completed


On 5th August, 2014, Hanking Villa Roof-sealing Ceremony “Predict the Future in International Qianhai”was successfully completed at the hillside of Xiaonanshan Hill, Qianhai. Hanking Group, together with its various strategic partners and guests of the mainstream media all gathered in Qianhai and witnessed the historical moment at the hillside mansion of Hanking.

With the hope to become the “pioneer of creative real estate”, Hanking Group has, for many years, stood firm in Nanshan district, Shenzhen, integrated international strategic resources of cooperation, built up creative buildings of quality and showed respect to the city. Presently Hanking has achieved great progress in the milestone “Shuangzi Project”: Hanking Finance Center is designed by Mr. Tom Mayne , the international building design master and member of Professional Planning & Design Advisory Committee of Qianhai, Shenzhen and won the Best International Project Award at the 51st Global Gold Nugget Awards. Hanking Villa was started in 2012, and after two years extensive work, the main body was finished and topped on 5th August, 2014.

Hanking Hillside Mansion is located at the hillside of Xiaonanshan Hill, Qianhai Center. With its position advantage, altitude and rare natural landscape, the Mansion is blooming with potential prosperity. With prosperity outside and tranquility inside, the Mansion is the only hillside luxury at the prosperous city center. With respect to rare land source and city humanism, Hanking Group hired first rate teams like Atkins of British, Yoshiki Toda of Japan, HID of Germany and Imkaltitude of HK etc. to integrate supreme international suppliers, make careful planning, create perfect details in order to establish the luxurious mansion second to none: Qianhai Villa. Here the living atmosphere in the mountain and aesthetics of modern buildings are combined to realize the residential dreams of urban people.

At the date of the roof-sealing ceremony, the members of senior administrative team of Hanking all attended, and so did over 100 guests from partner teams and media of all sectors of society. With the hope to be the “pioneer of creative real estate”, the sign in of Hanking Villa Roof-sealing Ceremony is creative: the visitors screw-in the custom-made screws to the background wall to form the logo of Hanking Group. It means the concerted efforts of all partners and cooperative units and it is the selflessness and dependable attitude of the screws that constitute a lot to the great work: Hanking Villa. The executive director Mr. Huang Jianwen, general manager of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau Ltd. Mr. Wei Guoqing and vice-general manager of Shenzhen Cobo Engineering Consultants Co., Ltd. Mr. Luo Yunyan gave speech successively. Then, the 12 guests of the earth up work finished the roof-sealing ceremony of Hanking Villa together.

After the topping out of the main body, Hanking Villa will be fully completed in 2014 and start to be sold in 2015. As the only pure hillside villa in Qianhai Center, the project, with its modern design and superior quality, manifests Hanking’s corporate task of being “extraordinary in achievement” and it is worth expecting.

(Twelve guests earthing up to finish the Hanking Villa Roof-sealing Ceremony together)